The mother dog and puppies were lost on the road and needed help, but outsiders didn’t pay

While driving on the road, we found a mother dog and her only puppy wandering under a drainage pipe. We hurried out of the car and gave them a loaf of bread to eat, but the puppy ate half of it. The mother dog was just skin and bones, and the puppy was in the same condition.

We don’t know how long they’ve been starving. We looked for the rest of her litter in the area but couldn’t find any. They may have starved to death.

We were shedding tears, and the mother dog’s tears were almost falling too. Now, the mother dog and her puppy are safe. She cried all night in the cage, so we had to let her out to walk. This morning, I gave them some extra milk. They survived safely.

Don’t worry about starving or car crashes. Be patient and keep fighting. I will take you to the doctor in the evening.

Characteristics of a Skinny Dog

We need to nourish them with easy-to-digest food so their bodies can adapt, as we don’t know how long they have been starving. If we stuff heavy food into them, it may cause them to die. After feeding them canned food, three cans were gone. Finally, the caretaker at the stall gave them goat milk.

The mother is named Jackfruit. Blood results show:

  • Blood platelet value at 22.7% (anesthesia) – high leukemia, infection
  • Blood clots, lots of fleas, constant dehydration, and lack of nutrients

The puppy’s blood results show:

  • Low blood count down to 12%, high leukemia, infection
  • Blood clots, lots of fleas, lack of nutrients, and constant dehydration

The puppy’s symptoms are quite worrying because its blood is very pale. They will need long-term treatment.

Now, Jackfruit and her baby are receiving care, including hormone stimulants. Jackfruit also kisses and licks her baby periodically, always showing love and care. The moment they are brought together, I feel happy to see it. I can’t express it.

All these days that I stand here, it’s just because of this. I just want to help. We want to see every suffering life get better—no suffering, no difficulty. All lives get better.

The blood results have improved, and the blood test criteria are getting better. The doctor gave Jackfruit continuous nourishing medicine and stimulating supplements. She is now happy and fully cared for and loved!

Thanks to all for your ongoing support!

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