The most impressive selfies with stretch marks: Many people are fascinated with birth

The beauty and power of self-portraits featuring stretch marks are being celebrated more than ever, showcasing the incredible journey and transformation of motherhood. These marks, once hidden and feared, are now embraced and honored as symbols of the body’s remarkable ability to change, grow, and nurture life. The women highlighted below are leading a movement to normalize and celebrate postpartum bodies, sharing their experiences to empower others and break the stigma around what a woman “should” look like.

Morgan-Roberts Illustrations reflects on her gratitude for her body, cherishing the ability to be present with her children and transition into motherhood once again. She expresses:

“Being a mother of two is an incredible blessing, and I thank my body every day.”

Kam Explains It All shares the impact of her body confidence on others, noting:

“This week I got the sweetest comments about how seeing me feeling confident in my body—stretch marks and all—made other women feel like they could do the same.”

Raising Rhys describes her journey to self-acceptance after struggling with her postpartum body, emphasizing:

“Now I’m proud of these stretch marks and this loose skin. I’ve grown two amazing human beings that I get the privilege of watching grow up.”

Kelly Bailey reminisces about a cherished moment captured in a photo, saying:

“I see the story of growing three humans across my very large stomach. I see the joy on both of our faces. I can still hear the music playing that we were dancing to.”

Christine Cote talks about her mental transformation and body acceptance, despite physical changes:

“30+ pounds heavier, and stomach stretched with dozens and dozens of tiger stripes—but regardless of the extreme changes my body has endured, I have never felt more empowered.”

Priscila Furtado showcases the strength and power of a woman’s body just hours before giving birth, celebrating the capability and resilience of her body.

The Nedra highlights the perspective of her children, who see their mother’s growing tummy with excitement and love, stating:

“My boys don’t see the scars from the two surgeries I had to help bring them into this world. They also don’t see the stretch marks that need to occur to keep them safe inside me.”

These women are not just sharing photos but also powerful narratives of strength, resilience, and love. They emphasize that stretch marks are not imperfections but rather beautiful reminders of the incredible journey of motherhood. Through their stories, they inspire and empower others to embrace their bodies and celebrate every mark that tells their unique story.

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