The lifeless body of a rare species washed up on the coast of

It sounds like you’re describing an intriguing discovery! Based on the description provided, this sea creature with feathers, a beak resembling a hybrid of a bird and a dolphin, and covered in hair-like structures is indeed quite unusual and not typical of known sea creatures.


Given the unique features mentioned, it’s possible that this organism represents a previously unknown or extinct species. The comparison to a Gangetic river dolphin, commonly found in freshwater rivers of South Asia, suggests a marine creature with adaptations that differ significantly from known cetaceans.


The absence of a dorsal fin and the speculated presence of a small triangular hump for swimming efficiency further indicate adaptations tailored to its environment, which could be distinct from typical marine mammals.


Without more specific details or images, it’s challenging to identify this organism definitively. However, such discoveries are exciting for scientists and can lead to new insights into the diversity of life on Earth, both past and present.

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