The garbage man “faced” a unique punishment: Carrying a 10kg dog to work every day

It is no secret to anyone that when we have a pet we always want to share with them as much time as possible,  with their infinite love they make the return home after a long day truly comforting . However, there are some who decide to go further and make that feeling of missing your pet so ephemeral that they decide to take it to work.The love for dogs goes beyond giving them shelter and food.

Thitirat Keowa-ram is Mazda’s human mother. The woman takes the dog to work every day and carries him on her back  without causing any discomfort or pain from carrying a little more than 10 kilos a day while sweeping the streets of Bangkok, Thailand.Mazda is an adorable little dog with a Poodle and Shih Tzu mix.

While carrying out her duties, the dog rests in a small bag that Thitirat carries on her back.  Apparently the 28-year-old has promised that when she had a dog she would never leave it alone , and today we can say that she has kept her promise without bothering about it. what some passersby say.It is a small one-year-old dog.

The young woman has mentioned that since she got the dog a little over a year ago after asking a friend as a gift,  Mazda and she have made an incredible team . She comments that she does not at all mind carrying her pet when she is sweeping the busy streets of Bangkok.A task that many may find tedious but that she enjoys while carrying the little Mazda.

Maybe some worry and question how she carries him all the time , many passersby have seen her carrying the dog when the day is rainy, but this is not a concern for the young woman since  the beautiful dog has his own raincoat to keep him dry  in the air. days when the sky decides to fall to sing for you.The little dog looks stylish and comfortable even on the rainiest days.

For some people, the young woman’s behavior may seem a little exaggerated and even strange, but for others,  seeing an owner so committed to his pet is so beautiful that it only makes one think that it is possible to take the pet anywhere  as long as you assume the responsibility of furry.In recent years, bringing pets to work has gained popularity in Thailand.

Many companies, especially those with inflexible schedules, consider  this policy aimed at dog lovers as a way to relieve employee stress . Nobody wants an annoying worker, so if bringing your pet to work offers greater security and lowers anxiety levels, it is something that benefits everyone.The images have gone viral on social networks.

Thitirat is a pet lover and is not willing to leave her adorable little dog alone for any reason. She certainly knows how to fulfill her obligations while the darling of the house is literally her faithful companion .Share the note on your social networks to make this incredible story of commitment and love for our pets viral.

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