The “fattest girl in the world” who shocked the public three years ago, how is she doing?.pink

In 2017, the image of Chahat Kumar, a little girl from Punjab, India, with an oversized physique, went viral worldwide, capturing the attention of many. At only 8 months old, Chahat weighed 17 kg, equivalent to the weight of a 4-5 year old child. Her sudden weight gain, which began when she was 4 months old, led to her being nicknamed “little sumo.”

amp;#34;The fattest girl in the worldamp;#34; What surprised the media 3 years ago now? - first

Chahat’s condition was particularly concerning because her weight was four times that of a normal child her age. Her mother, Reena, explained that Chahat was always hungry and ate continuously throughout the day. This excessive appetite and subsequent weight gain severely affected the family’s daily life. Chahat’s obesity made it difficult for her mother to carry her, and she could only be taken to places close to home.

Besides the logistical challenges, Chahat’s obesity also caused significant health issues, including breathing and sleep problems. Doctors were perplexed by her condition, noting that her unusually hard skin made it difficult to perform blood tests. Despite numerous attempts, the medical results were not conclusive.

amp;#34;The fattest girl in the worldamp;#34; What surprised the media 3 years ago now? - 2

After becoming a viral sensation, many reporters visited Chahat’s home in Punjab to update the public on her condition. Unfortunately, by the time she was 2 years old, Chahat’s weight had increased to 25 kg, and she showed no signs of stopping. This excessive weight gain prevented her from crawling or walking like other children, and she spent most of her time sitting or lying down.

Doctors later diagnosed Chahat with a deficiency in the hormone Leptin, which is essential for regulating energy consumption in the body. This rare condition, affecting only about 50 people worldwide, caused her body to retain energy as fat, leading to her extreme obesity.

amp;#34;The fattest girl in the worldamp;#34; What surprised the media 3 years ago now? - 3

Despite the challenges, the community rallied to help Chahat’s family, raising funds for her medical examinations at larger hospitals. Although her condition remains difficult, the support from the community has provided some hope for better management of her health issues.

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