The dog’s motivation: Marathon in the rain with the owner’s non-stop cheers

It is no secret to anyone that dogs are man’s best friend, they are always willing to help you and be part of your life even in the most difficult moments, no matter the time they win your heart until they consider themselves another member of the family. .Puppies are those furry little angels that brighten your day every day.

Many times they do things that gain popularity and become a direct reference on social networks. This is what happened to Spencer, a beautiful little dog trained to accompany therapy and now the best entertainer. The best therapy is the one that comes from the heart.

We know that when we go to compete we always need the support of the people we love, so this beautiful Golden Retriver and his owner Rich Powers go wherever they are needed.

Visiting schools, hospitals and centers for the elderly are just some of the activities that Spencer does with great emotion, but above all participating in the Boston Marathon to encourage the runners. Spencer does everything to see others happy regardless of the weather.

Last year, a video of Spencer holding two flags with the words “Boston Strong” went viral on social media. Even though it was raining, that didn’t stop the beautiful dog from continuing to support the team. He remained sitting on his wooden bench. until finishing the race. Rain, shine or lightning Spencer encourages the participants in the marathon.

The gesture attracted so much attention that many runners stopped to take photos with Spencer and expressed their gratitude for the gratifying support. To protect him from the rain, Powers covered the adorable dog with his jacket so he could continue cheering and face the weather more comfortably. The adorable Spencer was steady and enthusiastic as the athletes passed by.

This year Spencer does the same, only now he comes prepared to face any odds and cheer until the last competitor reaches the finish line. With a bright yellow raincoat and two pennants Spencer stood out from the crowd. Spencer has been cheering at the Boston Marathon for two years.

With the flags in his mouth and near the mile two marker, Spencer watched the runners go by, appearing cheerful and as supportive as possible. His presence encouraged the athletes, after traveling more than 40 km

Receiving support from an adorable puppy undoubtedly recharges your energy. Reaching the finish line and seeing that this beautiful puppy was cheering you on is doubly gratifying.

The DodoIt’s nice to have people who show their support unconditionally. Powers knows that Spencer enjoys every visit he makes and that she makes many people happy with her presence. He helps share the note to support Spencer and his beautiful work. An activity that comforts and encourages even if you are not an athlete.

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