The dog that ‘turned into a human’ caused a stir on social networks and caused controversy

A few months ago, a real controversy arose on Reddit around a dog with a “human face” that went viral on social networks. Many people claimed that it was a simple setup, while others maintained that pets are increasingly becoming “humanized.”


Chantal Desjardins, the owner of the dog in question, whose name is Yogi, had to make some statements about the origin of the photo and the uniqueness of her pet’s appearance.


Chantal said that it seemed truly crazy to her the popularity that the photos of her pet acquired and even more so, that they believe that it is a montage.

She, like so many other dog owners, took some photos of Yogi after he returned from the dog groomer with a new haircut, in which he had removed much of the locks that covered his eyes and muzzle.


Proud of Yogi’s appearance, she uploaded the photos to her personal Facebook and there, one of her friends saw them. She thought Yogi’s expression was very unique and she decided to spread the images on Reddit, where hundreds of people began commenting on them.

Chantal had no idea where the photos of her pet had gone, until she realized that Yogi was viral, also for one of the craziest reasons you can imagine.


She explained that Yogi has not always had that supposed expression. In fact, she clarified that there are many other photos of his pet in which we can see his face covered in hair, very different from the ones that went viral last year.


She believes that not only the haircut helped create this controversy, it may also be related to the angle she used to photograph her dog. There are many other photos of Yogi in which the doggy essence of her is above any other confusion.


The owner of this dog claims that it is also one of the sweetest and most special pets she has ever had. Chantal loves Yogi and for her he is the best companion a person can have on the face of the earth.

And you? Have you heard of Yogi before or seen the viral photos of him on social media? We invite you to share this unique news with your friends.

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