“The darkest baby” captured on camera I admire the world.pink

In June 2015, a photograph began circulating online that claimed to show the “world’s darkest baby,” allegedly born in South Africa. This image generated significant buzz on social media, with many users questioning its authenticity.

The initial appearance of this photo on social media can be traced back to a tweet by Twitter user @NaimHumphrey on June 10, 2015. However, there was little information provided beyond the repeated claim of its South African origin. A quick investigation revealed that no credible sources, such as mainstream media or the Guinness World Records, supported the claim about this baby. Additionally, no individuals or organizations stepped forward to verify the photo’s authenticity or its origins.

Upon further research, it was discovered that the figure in the photograph was not a real baby but a clay art doll. The doll was created by artist Lilah Pearsons, who operates under the brand “Breath of Heaven.” Pearsons, who began sculpting in 2005, specializes in creating detailed polymer clay dolls inspired by her love of animals. Her creations often include lifelike dolls and sculptures, including primates and other figures with intricate features.

Pearsons’ dolls are known for their realism and craftsmanship. Each doll starts as a lump of polymer clay and is meticulously sculpted into a finished piece. Her website and eBay store feature several examples of similar dolls, confirming that the “darkest baby” photo is, in fact, an art piece rather than a real infant.

This case highlights how easily misinformation can spread online and the importance of verifying the authenticity of viral content before accepting it as fact.

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