The cutest twins in the world: The joy of being together

Instead of having to “play” the role of judge all day, resolving fights between sisters like in many families, Agit and Sidar’s parents, currently living in Germany, are different. These two twin boys are always entwined with each other, sometimes without toys, just rolling back and forth, chasing each other around the house, they will laugh loudly, happily, and end the day.

Agit and Sidar were born on March 30, 2015, and are considered by many to be the cutest twins in the world because they always grin and love each other unconditionally. Looking at the pictures that the baby’s mother shared on the Instagram page with more than 16,000 followers, you will feel the extremely cheerful and cuteness of Agit and Sidar.

 Người mẹ tuyệt vời bên hai cậu con trai cưng vào ngày sinh nhật tròn 1 tuổi.

The two boys have the same lifestyle and play time is almost in sync. Agit and Sidar usually just hang around the house, but every moment together is extremely exciting and positively inspires many others. There are even people who, when sad, just watch a clip of Agit and Sidar to make them much happier.

Agit and Sidar’s favorite game is to roll back and forth on each other, play peek-a-boo, then splash water, rub their heads, play around while bathing together, or one person stands on one side, one person stands on the other side and competes with each other. close, open the door… It’s just that simple, but these games keep repeating every day, the two boys still laugh endlessly every time they play together.

Since birth, Agit and Sidar were always dressed in the same clothes by their mothers and it was difficult for outsiders to tell them apart. Because the shirt, pants, shoes or even the accompanying triangle scarf are all the same, the same size and my mother often calls them both by name, but rarely calls them Agit or Sidar separately. The fashion sense of these two boys is also very strong, whether at home or going out, they are neat and masculine.


Agit and Sidar are always dressed in the same outfit by their mother, extremely stylish.


Agit and Sidar, in addition to always being close friends, often cooperate and help each other with common tasks such as cleaning the house, playing on the slide or even… playing with toys and snacks at the supermarket. Although they are only nearly 2 years old, it seems that these two boys are very mature and extremely fond of their brother.

But the most special thing is probably that these handsome twins never fight over toys or quarrel. It’s always about playing together, playing soccer together, rolling around on the floor or shaking your butt together while listening to fun music… That’s why the online community absolutely loves this pair of hot kids who always laugh all day.


Can always grin.


Many people, when following Agit and Sidar, always wish they had a pair of twins like these two boys, and sometimes joke that they are jealous of their mother. But her mother also knows well about her priceless assets, so she always spends as much time as possible with her children. In addition to taking care of her children every day, she also takes advantage of her free time in the beautiful sunshine to take her children out for a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

A wonderful mother with her two beloved sons on their 1st birthday.


A wonderful mother with her two beloved sons on their 1st birthday.


Agit and Sidar’s mother is also always diligently uploading pictures of her children online. Even though it’s only been a few months since I established my own Instagram account, the number of followers has reached more than 16,600. And with the adorableness and “unmatched cuteness” of these two twins, this number will certainly continue to increase.

Let’s follow more extremely funny moments and images of Agit and Sidar:




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