The bond of love: Two dog brothers and their mother accidentally met each other while walking in the park. Mina

The condition of siblings is the same for humans as for dogs.  That bond of love is too close and important. It is an indissoluble relationship of complicity that is born between two beings originating from the same womb, as demonstrated by our unique history.


Its main protagonists are, this time,  two beautiful  cockapoo canines named  Monty and Rose.  It turns out that they are brothers from the same litter, however, they  were both separated when they were just tiny nursing puppies.

Although it may seem like a lie, there is a lot that an afternoon walk can achieve, since it was during a walk when  the unexpected happened.  Although Monty and Rose never heard from each other again,  they met again on the street and immediately recognized each other as on the first day.


And the thing is,  they always loved each other, missed each other and waited eagerly, until the miracle happened.  The scene of their tender embrace of mutual welcome was captured and uploaded in a publication that captivated hundreds of thousands of hearts, throughout the most well-known social networks on the planet.

For her part, Rosie’s proud human mother, Susan Killip, told a prestigious local media outlet that the sweet little brothers  were born in June, along with four other puppies.“ There were six little dogs, but from the beginning Monty and Rosie were always inseparable ,” Susan commented.

As for Monty’s case, his adoptive family is close friends and neighbors of Susan. Normally they used to visit the  dog . However, without knowing exactly the reason, Monty lost contact with his furry sister again. It wasn’t until  after ten months  that  this unexpected meeting finally occurred.“ It was so lovely to see how they both saw each other and immediately ran towards each other. They hugged each other, jumping for joy. It was really surprising that they both remembered each other after so long. Ten months, to be exact ,” Killip added.

The author of this emotional and moving publication is  Libby Pincher . Simply put, Libby spread the conversation she had with her father in which he told her all the details of what happened between Monty and Rosie. Now, it is  a beautiful gift of brotherhood that went viral among netizens.

“ So, Dave was walking his dog, and there was a couple walking towards him with a white version of their pet. It turned out that they were blood siblings, one male and one female. But instead of just playing like they do with other dogs, they hugged each other as if they were humans ,” said that man.

It doesn’t matter if science has not been able to demonstrate whether two animals  like Monty and Rose  can really recognize each other after so much time.  Susan Killip and the rest of her family were more convinced that, in this exceptional case, they did succeed.

The only thing that is known is that dogs act mainly thanks to their sense of smell.  The smell of their bodies remains in the memories of other dogs for long periods.pls look at what my dad sent me this morning I cannot even

So, given all these elements, we can conclude that it may indeed  be possible for canine siblings to be able to find or recognize familiar  and similar characteristics in another dog, as the case of Rosie and Monty has more than demonstrated to us.

Both families hope to make these meetings between the two little brothers more frequent  , to prevent them from losing contact again. Once all the coronavirus restrictions become more relaxed,  Monty and Rosie will be able to go back to frolicking and doing their thing like in the past.

There is no doubt that the bond that exists between animals is unbreakable despite time and distance.

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