The beauty gave birth to triplets after being born

Michella, who already had two daughters with her husband Mark, recently welcomed three sons—named Charles, Theodore, and Gabriel—via cesarean section on January 15 when she was just over 35 weeks pregnant. The boys were born healthy, weighing 2278, 2626, and 2775 grams respectively. For context, the average weight of newborn babies is around 7.5 pounds (3400 grams), but weights between 5.5 and 10 pounds are considered normal.

The journey to their birth was not without challenges. Michella shared candidly about the extreme pain she experienced leading up to the delivery and her overwhelming emotions. Three days before the birth, she expressed feelings of unpreparedness and anxiety about having three new babies. Despite her fears, she emphasized the importance of her babies’ health, which brought her some comfort.

After the birth, Michella described the experience as the “wildest 36 hours” of her life, filled with both intense pain and immense joy. She recounted the magical moment of having all three boys on her chest, highlighting the profound love and happiness she felt despite the physical discomfort. Postpartum, she dealt with significant pain, particularly from the cesarean section, and had to undergo a procedure to remove accumulated blood in her uterus to prevent inflammation.

Regarding identical multiples, it’s worth noting that they are always the same sex because they originate from the same fertilized egg, sharing the same genetic material. The sex of the baby is determined by the sperm cell that fertilizes the egg. If the sperm cell carries an X chromosome, the result is a female (XX); if it carries a Y chromosome, the result is a male (XY). In Michella’s case, her triplets, although not identical, reflect the complex beauty and challenge of carrying and giving birth to multiple babies.

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