The adorable dog became the best man on the bride’s important wedding day, testifying to the couple’s lasting love

If there is a truly special date for couples, it is the wedding day, a unique event that forever marks the beginning of a new story. A celebration that includes the participation of all those who have been witnesses and accomplices of a love that Far from being a fairy tale, accept that in real life what really matters is going far with the person you love. An adorable little dog was the center of attention at the wedding.

Of course, on that journey you meet beings that make everything even more special, for Jessica and Will Northrop it was meeting two adorable dogs who from the first moment became the center of their lives. Calvin has helped them overcome difficult times. moments to Jessica.

The couple got married in November 2020 and they wanted their two furry friends to be able to participate on this special date. Calvin and Kiwi, their two dogs, were not only special guests but they fulfilled two roles that left all the guests and the couple themselves in a permanent smile when seeing two dogs so cute and collaborative in the celebration. A friend of the family gave Jessica Calvin’s tuxedo to match the groomsmen.

Calvin wore the wedding rings wearing a suit identical to that of the groomsmen, a navy blue tuxedo and red bowtie. Kiwi, paraded down the aisle wearing a flower necklace, is a puppy with special needs so he needed the help of a bridesmaid to fulfill her mission. Both dogs made the couple and all the guests more than happy.

Although the two dogs looked beautiful at the ceremony, Calvin especially caught the attention of all the guests. This beautiful ball of fur has been with Jessica since 2017, since then they have been inseparable. Calvin excels at dog sports and is certified as a therapy dog. Calvin also competes at the Master level in dog agility competitions.

Before the pandemic due to Covid-19, he visited the oncology floor of his local children’s hospital. Calvin is an adorable little dog who conquers hearts wherever he goes. Jessica comments on this: “He is a unique dog. He is more than a dog or a pet, he is my friend and my teammate. I tell everyone that he is part of my life. “I will always be grateful to Calvin for saving me.”

It was thanks to Calvin that Jessica met Will in 2019, together they adopted the little Kiwi who was born with neurological delays, although he needs special attention this does not limit him to being an affectionate and playful dog. “He can’t do the things that Calvin does because to his condition, but he has been a wonderful pet, he has completely stolen Will’s heart,” Jessica commented.

Although both dogs have very different qualities, all Jessica wanted was for them both to be able to participate on her wedding day. Fortunately, her dream came true and everything turned out much better than she expected.

At the time of the photos, Calvin had to be wearing an adorable sign that said: “I loved her first.”

Indeed, the sign told the essence of its story in one short sentence. Both have gone through and overcome extraordinary things, what they feel is so great that it can hardly be expressed in words. The happiness of this couple is complete with their furry friends by their side.

Both Calvin and Kiwi were excited to participate in the wedding, the couple wanted everything to be perfect so they practiced many times with their pets, especially with Calvin who had to walk down the aisle with the basket.

“I wanted Calvin to be able to carry a basket of rings down the aisle, so we practiced it every night before dinner throughout 2020.”

On the day of the wedding, Calvin participated and managed to carry the rings to the altar without any problem. Everyone was amazed by his performance. Kiwi, for his part, also conquered hearts by entering with the bridesmaid parading her flower necklace.

“Having the dogs be a part of this really put the icing on the cake, it made the day absolutely perfect,” Jessica said.

Both dogs fulfilled their mission and made the day even more magical and unforgettable for their parents. How nice to see that two furry dogs can be so loved and fill with infinite joy those who would give everything for them. This couple knows very well that happiness includes a puppy, go ahead and let your heart fill with tender canine footprints. Share!

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