The abandoned baby elephant, missing his mother’s warmth, licked his caregiver to express his gratitude to the person who saved

The story of an orphaned baby elephant in Kenya showing gratitude by kissing his rescuer is a lovely example of animal understanding and affection. As far as I know, this baby elephant is one of those rescued after being attacked and abandoned. It seems that the elephant recognized the kindness and care from the rescuers, and kissing the rescuer could be seen as an act of gratitude and affection on the part of the elephant.

My feelings when hearing about this story were surprise and admiration for the sympathy and affection of the baby elephant towards the rescuer. The fact that this baby elephant showed such gratitude and affection that he kissed his rescuer after being attacked and abandoned is a clear testament to the intelligence and perception of animals.

Sometimes, animals can show adorable and affectionate actions, proving that they are capable of perceiving and feeling what is happening around them. This caption with a grateful kiss is also a reminder of the affection and connection between humans and animals, as well as the value of protecting and caring for wildlife.

It’s heartbreaking to hear about Mbegu’s situation and the retaliatory attack from locals after a tragic incident involving another elephant. The complexities of human-wildlife conflicts underscore the challenges faced in conservation efforts and community coexistence with wildlife.

Mbegu’s story highlights the urgent need for effective strategies to mitigate conflicts between humans and elephants, ensuring the safety of both communities and wildlife. It’s a reminder of the importance of fostering understanding, compassion, and sustainable solutions to protect these magnificent creatures and preserve their habitats.

It’s heartwarming to hear that Mbegu found a new home at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) Nursery in Nairobi National Park and has formed a strong bond with her keeper. The care and love shown by the keeper and the staff at DSWT are crucial for Mbegu’s recovery and well-being.

Elephants are incredibly intelligent and social creatures, and the attachment Mbegu has formed with her keeper is a testament to the deep emotional capacity of these animals. The continued display of gratitude through nuzzling shows the strong emotional connection that Mbegu feels towards her caregiver.

The image of the adorable baby elephant wrapped up in a bright blanket further highlights the compassion and dedication of the team at DSWT in providing comfort and care to orphaned elephants like Mbegu. It’s stories like these that inspire hope and emphasize the importance of wildlife conservation and rehabilitation efforts.


It’s fortunate that the baby elephant received emergency care after being found with injuries before being transferred to her new home at a Kenyan reserve. Prompt medical attention and rehabilitation are critical for the recovery of injured or orphaned elephants like Mbegu.

The efforts of wildlife rescue organizations and conservationists play a crucial role in providing the necessary care and support to elephants in distress. The story of Mbegu’s journey from being injured and alone to finding a safe haven and forming a bond with her caretakers is truly touching and underscores the importance of wildlife protection and rehabilitation initiatives.



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