Taiwan’s defense innovation: TC-2N Land Warfare II Air Defense Machine.pink

On April 15, the Republic of China Army (ROCA) successfully conducted a live-fire test of its domestically developed TC-2N Land Sword II air defense missile system at the Jiupeng Military Base in Pingtung County. The test was part of Exercise Divine Bow and involved the 43rd Artillery Command of the Eighth Army and the 21st Artillery Command of the Sixth Army, demonstrating effective inter-unit collaboration with the new system. Initially planned for April 9, the test was postponed due to adverse weather conditions. Three Land Sword II missiles were launched starting at 9:10 am local time, with all launches successfully verifying the system’s operational capability and readiness for integration into Taiwan’s air defense network.

The TC-2N Land Sword II was developed by the National Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST) and is based on technology from the Sky Sword II air-to-air missile. The Sky Sword II, or Tien Chien II (TC-2), is a beyond-visual-range missile featuring inertial navigation, a mid-course guidance data link, and active radar homing for terminal guidance. It also boasts electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) and the ability to engage multiple targets, making it a critical component in offsetting China’s air superiority.

TC-2N Land Sword II Air Defense Missile System

The Land Sword II is designed to target and neutralize a variety of aerial threats, including fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and cruise missiles. Each Land Sword II battery includes several essential components:

  1. Engagement Control Vehicle: Acts as the command center, coordinating target acquisition, tracking, and missile launches.
  2. CSIST-Developed Bee Eye Radar System: Provides crucial target detection and tracking data.
  3. Launch Vehicle: Carries and launches the Land Sword II missiles.
  4. Ammunition Carrier: Ensures a continuous supply of missiles for sustained operations.

The missile system features missiles housed in sealed container-launchers and has a truck-mounted version with four missile pods. It was showcased at the International Defence Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, with a reported canister length of 4 meters (13 feet) and a combined weight of 350 kilograms (770 pounds). Although the Land Sword II retains midcourse inertial guidance with data link and terminal active radar guidance like its naval counterpart, it lacks the naval version’s booster, limiting its effective range to approximately 15 kilometers (9.3 miles).

In 2019, Taiwan ordered six batteries comprising 246 missiles. The system was also featured in the 2021 Double Ten Day parade, highlighting its strategic importance in Taiwan’s defense capabilities.

TC-2N Land Sword II Air Defense Missile System

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