Strange animal-like creature in Kon Tum is just a ‘locating device’.pink

It appears that the story about V. discovering a strange human-like creature in Kon Tum, Vietnam, was actually a fabrication and the result of fictionalized content shared on social media. Ms. Nguyen Thi Tho, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Kon Tum province, clarified that the creature depicted in the photos shared by V. was not real but rather a product of Photoshop techniques.

Strange human-like creatures in Kon Tum are just a fabrication - 1

The imaginary creature, referred to as the “Aillen worm,” was originally created as part of a show on YouTube. Ms. Tho emphasized that spreading false information of this nature is not acceptable and that the department plans to address the situation with V.

V. had initially claimed to have discovered this creature while fishing at the Plei Krong hydroelectric lake, describing it as having a human-like shape with distinct features such as eyes, nostrils, mouth, limbs resembling human hands, and unusual physical attributes. Despite the attention and inquiries generated by V.’s posts, the creature was not a real discovery but a fictional creation.

Strange human-like creatures in Kon Tum are just a fabrication - 2

This incident serves as a reminder to be cautious about information and images shared on social media, as not all content may be genuine or accurate. In this case, it highlights the importance of verifying sources and exercising critical thinking when encountering unusual claims or sightings online.

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