Soul Scars: A homeless dog’s painful past feels safe away from the world

Tobby, poor puppy, found himself hiding in the gas station, looking for shelter from the people. She felt safe there, away from the world that had caused her so much pain. A few days ago, Tobby thought she had rescued him, but she turned out to be the beginning of his nightmare.

The man who took Tobby home was a most sadistic man who tortured him, deprived him of food and left him outside in the cold, crying for days. Fortunately, my neighbor heard Tobby’s screams and helped him escape. Tobby ran as far as he could and hid in the gas booth, where he remained for hours until he was finally rescued.

After being rescued, Tobby’s condition was terrible. She was suffering from a serious skin disease and her digestive system was sick. But perhaps the worst of all is that he was emotionally hurt and had lost all confidence in his brothers. She stuck to eating and even looked at her rescuers. Her eyes were filled with only sadness.

It was a long road to recovery for Tobby. She needed more hugs, conversations and kisses than most dogs. She needed love and warmth and, most importantly, she needed to learn to trust me. Her rescuers will apply a different approach to her to treat her emotional wounds, showing her love and kindness every day.

Two months after being rescued, Tobby was a different dog. He was full of energy, always asking to play and couldn’t stand being alone for too long. His sadness lasted a lot and little by little he was back to being a happy dog.

On the 86th, Tobby received an adoption application from the young and loving family who had heard his story. The rescuers were overjoyed to learn that Tobby had found his forever home. I was sure that she would be loved and cared for and that she would probably have to suffer.

The story of Tobby’s rescue is one of pain, but also hope. It is the story of how love and kindness can heal even the deepest wounds. And it’s a reminder that every animal deserves the opportunity to be loved and feel safe.

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