Skillful puppy: From sturdy shoes turned into a safe shelter, waiting for the opportunity to have a decent life

Every dog ​​requires love and care, especially when she is just a few days old. But, sadly, there are hundreds of homeless furry people who live in the most inhospitable places, waiting for an opportunity to have a decent life.

Little dog

Goran Marinkovic  is an animal lover who lives in  Serbia  and usually takes to the streets to provide some food for all the homeless dogs in his city.However,  he never imagined that on his way he would encounter a defenseless  dog  clinging to life .

Little dog

It was a particularly cold day and I was walking through an area full of garbage. It was then that he began to hear a series of weak cries crying for help; He followed the cries until he found  an old boot inside which rested a fragile black and caramel dog .

The little girl made up for her mother’s presence with her boot

As soon as he saw her, Goran brought food to the dog.  It was evident how bad she was: she was shivering from the cold, she was wet and completely hungry .

He devoured every last bit of the food the good man gave him and then returned to stand next to the boot.

“The boot could have been used to hide from the rain and sun. The dog was thrown into the trash, I found her by accident. It would be nice to find someone who can and wants to take care of her,” Goran wrote on his social media.

For Goran, there was no doubt,  someone had left the dog there to get rid of her . But he was not willing to allow the little girl to lose her life, although her condition was really delicate due to her young age.

The man took the dog to the vet and named her Smesten . He didn’t know if she would survive, but the furry girl struggled to hold her breath.To support her even more, he welcomed her into his home to give her all the care she needed, after all she was just a baby who had bad luck.

Goran  welcomed the dog into his home  with a plush teddy bear. Smesten couldn’t stop playing with his new toy; Dragging him and biting him between the sofas in the room,  for the first time she was receiving love .

The care that Goran gave to the little dog had an effect and, little by little,  Smesten regained his vitality . He gained weight, her fur began to shine, and she was finally able to see the good side of humans. Smesten’s joy and energy came out to conquer Goran’s heart

In just 6 months, Smesten’s appearance and life changed completely . She is extremely energetic and enjoys playing everywhere; although sometimes she also chooses to rest at ease and sleep like the beautiful little angel that she is.

Goran officially adopted Smesten , along with his partner. Now the furry girl has loving parents who always look out for her well-being and she also has many canine siblings who pamper her enormously because she is the smallest of the group.

Smesten has become Goran’s faithful companion , especially when he goes out to feed the homeless dogs that wander on the street. Unfortunately, more and more innocent animals need emergency help.

“I feed animals on the street, who do not receive food from humans and have no owners. Their number is constantly increasing. It is sad to know that people leave their animals so carelessly,” says Goran.

Their change has been impressive. Currently, Smesten and Goran feed 100 dogs and kittens from the streets every day. Although they do their best, they know that these little beings will only be safe when they find their own home.

Thousands of animals wait in the streets, eager to have a family. Do not hesitate to open your heart to take care of them, remember that everyone deserves love.

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