Six daughters and one boy were naturally born into a woman’s

In a remarkable medical event in Diyali Province, eastern Iraq, a 25-year-old woman gave birth to septuplets, the first known case in the Middle-Eastern nation. The mother and her seven newborns—six girls and one boy—are reported to be in good health following medical check-ups. Images show four of the tiny babies lying together in a bed, highlighting their early days of life.


The father, Youssef Fadl, expressed that he and his wife had not planned for more children, especially considering they already have ten. The arrival of the septuplets brings their family size to an astounding 17 members.

This case draws parallels to the famous McCaughey septuplets born in 1997 to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey in Des Moines, Iowa. The McCaughey septuplets were the world’s first set of surviving septuplets. Following fertility treatment, the couple learned they were expecting seven children but declined selective reduction, believing their fate was “in God’s hands.” The septuplets were born nine weeks prematurely, joining their older sister, Mikayla Marie.

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The McCaughey family quickly became a media sensation, with President Bill Clinton personally congratulating them. Numerous offers of assistance poured in from businesses and individuals, including a 5,500 square foot house, a van, a year’s supply of Kraft macaroni and cheese, diapers for the first two years, and full tuition to any state university in Iowa. In the early months, the septuplets consumed 42 bottles and went through 52 diapers daily.

Both stories highlight the extraordinary nature of septuplet births and the overwhelming support that often follows such rare and miraculous events.

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