She has a passion for swimming with pleasure even without legs, erasing everyone’s contempt

38- 9 Ho Ng Diem, born in 1996 in the Lc Log area of Ya province in southwest China, faced a life-changing event in 2000 when a car accident left her permanently paralyzed at the age of four. Despite financial challenges, her family improvised by using a basketball and two pieces of wood to help her move independently. The story gained attention in 2005, leading to sponsorship for a prosthetic leg in 2007.

After completing elementary school, financial difficulties forced Ho Ng Diem to abandon her education. Undeterred, she joined the “South of Cloud” club, a national swimming club for people with disabilities. Despite initial challenges, she practiced diligently and emerged as a potential swimmer.

In 2011, the passing of her grandfather before the Paralympic qualifiers affected her competitive spirit. Returning to her hometown, she faced the pressures of early fame. In 2014, she made a triumphant comeback, winning the championship in the 100m breaststroke category at the Paralympics.

After two decades of persistent efforts, Ho Ng Diem retired in 2019 with the dream of becoming a coach to support athletes with disabilities. Her inspiring journey showcases resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome life’s challenges.

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