Scientists are currently extremely worried with the increasing appearance of two-headed

This puzzling phenomenon began in 2008, when a fisherman caught a two-headed blue shark embryo off the coast of Australia. In 2013, a group of fishermen in Florida, USA, discovered a two-headed fetus in the uterus of a bull shark they caught.

To date, blue sharks are the species with the most two-headed babies because mother sharks can carry up to 50 babies in their stomach at a time.

Cá Mập Hai Đầu - Loài Cá Cực Hiếm Sa Lưới Ngư Dân - YouTube

Spanish researchers carefully dissected the egg to study this strange embryo. Professor Valentín Sans-Coma, the leader of the research team, said that if left to hatch naturally, the embryo may not survive. This explains why people have never found sharks laying two-headed eggs before.

Su shows most of the map with two heads

Two-headed sharks appear more and more often

The reason for the increase in mutant sharks is still a mystery to the scientific community. Some researchers say overfishing may be the reason. As shark numbers decrease, their genomes also shrink, leading to increased inbreeding and increasing the risk of genetic abnormalities.

Bắt được "quái thai" cá mập 2 đầu còn sống

Sharing the same opinion, according to Nicolas Ehemann – an expert at the University of Malaga, shark genes are mutating more strongly, and the problem is that they are not exposed to any chemicals or radioactive substances at all.

Cá mập hai đầu

Why? Ehemann said that humans are the cause, specifically our excessive exploitation of seafood. According to her, overfishing limits the genetic diversity of sharks, making genetic instabilities more likely to surface, creating two-headed baby sharks.

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