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Srećko, the charismatic baby ray at the Pula Aquarium, has captured the hearts of many, including visitors and staff alike. His endearing smile and playful nature have made him a symbol of hope for the conservation of marine species in Croatia, particularly amidst threats like overfishing, pollution, and climate change.

At just 8cm in size, Srećko and his siblings are being carefully nurtured by the aquarium staff, who provide them with krill since they are not yet capable of catching their own food. Biologist Matea Stankić explains that Srećko is still learning and growing, unable to catch the fast-moving krill on his own.

The ultimate goal is to ensure the survival and well-being of Srećko and his siblings. As they mature, plans are in place to relocate them to Dubrovnik, where they may continue to thrive in another aquarium or potentially be reintroduced into the Adriatic Sea. The Pula Aquarium is actively engaged in discussions and collaborations with government ministries and EU programs to facilitate this process.

Manager Marija Alikesandar Bećković emphasizes the importance of reintroduction programs for marine conservation efforts, highlighting the hope for Srećko’s successful transition into the wild ocean, which is ultimately his natural habitat.

For now, Srećko and his siblings are content and well-cared-for under the attentive guardianship of the aquarium staff in Pula. Their story exemplifies the dedication and commitment of marine biologists and conservationists to protect and preserve vulnerable marine species like rays, ensuring a brighter future for our oceans.

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