Safe companion: The dog stands by the river every day waiting for his family to return without taking his eyes off the water

Dogs are the most faithful beings and they know what true love is. Therefore, when stories come to us in which their hearts are broken because they do not understand why their family is no longer here, we cannot help but be moved.

What happened to the furry girl in this case touched us to the bottom of our hearts. A  little dog arrived at the Rama V pier  looking for dry land for the saddest reason. It is presumed that  she was sailing with her family on the Chao Phraya River in Bagkok, Thailand, who unfortunately died while sailing.

He waited every day for his family to return without leaving the place. It’s unclear why they didn’t return, but she never took her eyes off of her over the water as if she hoped that one day her favorite people would emerge there.

Dock 1 Dog

After so much swimming, his tiredness was transformed into a hope that faded over time. She was there for a month, always there, firm and faithful, waiting for those dear people who had remained on that boat to return.

Dock 7 Dog

This information was spread by  Thanawan Tongporn’s Facebook , and was shared more than 11,000 times in approximately 48 hours. Many people showed her shock at this sad story, she needed help.How much pain he must have felt in his heart with each day that slowly passed!

Dock 4 Dog

This dog managed to get food and water, many times some passersby brought her food, because she did not want to leave the place.

Dock Pier 8 1

After a month of waiting, a big-hearted family decided to adopt her to change her life.  She needed a new home to fill the void she had inside. She needed the warmth, the attention, the affection of people who little by little generated that confidence and joy in her to have a happy life.

Dock 10 Dog

Her new family called her  “Tha Ruea”, which in Spanish translates to dock,  a name that refers to the place where she stayed for so many days. Her case impacted many people, so much so that the local press dedicated a space to tell her story.

Dock 11 Dog

The local press   was present to record her reaction when her new family came to pick her up…

Dock 12 Dog

Now she lives peacefully and is full of the love she needed so much…

Dock 3 Dog

Share this beautiful story, leave in our hearts a mark of how much love means and how we can miss those people who in some way are no longer in our lives. Definitely, pets never cease to surprise us.

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