Russian baby glows when feeding himself with his

The extraordinary vitality of a stunning 3-year-old girl has captured the hearts of millions. A video, featuring a young girl from Rwanda named Vasilina feeding herself with her feet due to being born without arms, has gone viral. The video, originally shared on Facebook by Elmira Knutzen from Moscow, has garnered over 57 million views and 1.3 million shares since last week.

In the 18-second clip, Vasilina struggles but ultimately succeeds in getting food into her mouth by gripping a fork between her toes. Her persistence and determination have earned her praise and well-wishes from people around the world. Comments from viewers, such as Michel Mertes from Brussels and Geraldine O’Rega, highlight how inspiring Vasilina’s efforts are, encouraging them to appreciate their own lives and show gratitude for their blessings.

Many viewers have reflected on the broader message of resilience and the importance of overcoming challenges without complaining about minor inconveniences. Rik Storgis from Topeka, Kansas, noted how Vasilina’s determination serves as a powerful reminder to face life’s difficulties with fortitude and not to give up easily.

This touching video has inspired countless people to reconsider their own perspectives and embrace a more grateful and resilient outlook on life.

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