Rostec presents the Supercam S350 Drone at the 2024 World Defense Exhibition in Saudi Arabia

Rostec to Unveil Supercam S350 Drone at World Defense Show 2024 in Saudi ArabiaRostec presents the Supercam S350 Drone at the 2024 World Defense Exhibition in Saudi Arabia
Rostec to Unveil Supercam S350 Drone at World Defense Show 2024 in Saudi Arabia

Russian state-owned defense conglomerate Rostec State Corporation is set to unveil the Supercam S350, a cutting-edge domestic drone, at the upcoming World Defense Show 2024 in Saudi Arabia. The World Defense Show 2024, scheduled from February 4 to 8 in Riyadh, will provide a platform for Rostec to showcase not only the Supercam S350 but also a diverse array of defense assets, including armored vehicles, aircraft, small arms, and counter-drone systems. With its innovative features and demonstrated performance, the Supercam S350 is poised to capture the attention of the Middle Eastern market, reinforcing Russia’s position as a leader in drone technology. Designed to meet a variety of military and civilian needs, the Supercam S350 boasts impressive capabilities, including high-altitude aerial photography and video monitoring ranging from 150 meters to 5 kilometers.

The Supercam S350 is one of the flagship unmanned aircraft systems designed for aerial photography and video monitoring. The flight duration of up to 4.5 hours with data transmission range of up to 100 km provides the possibility of using the UAV in surveillance and reconnaissance missions, for protecting state borders, monitoring fuel and energy facilities, crisis management, as well as for other civil applications. A wide range of payloads can be installed onboard the UAV including a photo camera, video and thermal imaging equipment, radiation detection equipment, a gas analyzer and a laser scanning system. With a flight speed of up to 120 km/h and the ability to remain airborne for extended periods, this drone is well-equipped for missions ranging from reconnaissance and facility monitoring to territorial defense.



Supercam S350 unmanned aircraft system
Supercam S350 unmanned aircraft system.

The Supercam S350 has already proven its effectiveness and reliability in various operational scenarios, garnering significant interest from Russian operators. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the Supercam S350 is highly versatile, accommodating a range of payloads such as optical systems, thermal imagers, gas analyzers, and laser scanning systems. Its modular design allows for quick assembly, while built-in safety features, like the system for releasing wing consoles during landing, ensure durability and longevity. The key features of the unmanned system include the UAV quick assembly, modular composite components, interchangeable and combined payloads with the unified gyro-stabilized gimbals, and the wing panels detachment system to prevent possible damage during landing.

Unmanned Systems Group has been a designer and manufacturer of Supercam unmanned aircraft systems and one of the major players in the Russian UAV market since 2010. The company supply our solutions to both domestic and foreign markets. Also, the company provides aerial photography and aerial surveillance services using our unmanned aircrafts. Supercam team consists of over 250 highly qualified experts including over 100 engineers. The company has its own design office, as well as production facilities with machine tools, a microelectronics laboratory, and a well-equipped flight test site. Thanks to the efforts of engineers and designers, unmanned aerial vehicles of Supercam family with 2.2 to 29 kg takeoff weight have been created. Unmanned Systems Group has supplied over 1500 Supercam UAS to various state and private organizations.

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