Revealing the mysterious story of a legless man who was tied up for three decades

This elderly man is consistently tethered like a domesticated animal, prompting curiosity about his story. What led to this elderly gentleman being constantly accompanied? The arduous journey of two days and a few hours brings one to this mountainous, hilly village adorned with rivers.”


The region is less populated, with few inhabitants per square kilometer.

With the nature of this place, one can feel like they want to make such a place a home.

Thus, before it rains, as this is one of the rainy districts, whenever it rains the road is damaged and passing here is almost impossible, as it becomes one of the dangerous roads to reach to our grandpa.

It was a bigger challenge.

We arrived when it was raining.

This explains why the road was like this, and making it through required a Phd. in driving.

It was way difficult than you think, but thank God we finally made it.

Life is complex.


Each one of us must take his own path through life.

There are no self-help manuals, no formulas and no easy answers.

The right road for one is the wrong road for another.

The journey of life is not paved in blacktop, is not blightly laid and it has no road signs.

It’s a rocky path through the wilderness.

This grandpa lives alone.

Well, leaving alone is not a big problem, although he’s too old.

The problem is that he does not see and he’s supposed to live as if he has eyes functioning very well, having lost his sight long time ago, made and messed up his life, and he says he had a lot of dreams to accomplish, but now he can see.

He’s running out of time.


Mexico does not know when exactly he was born, but according to what he says, he might have been born between 1920s and 1930s.

That means it’s between 90 and 100 years range.

This grandpa was born normal and lived like any other normal person.

Growing up, he wanted to be a historian.

His childhood did not favor him to be who he wanted to be.

He says he grew up in a poor family which had a lot of children.

They were born as 13 children plus parents.


This means they had 15 members in the house.

After celebrating his 15th birthday he fell sick, and that was during the second world war, though his country was not directly involved in the war, but this affected the man’s life, who was a teenager.

By then.

He got ill and failed to get medicine.

He used some herbs and applied on his body, but the sickness kept increasing and becoming mysterious he ended up becoming, with the whole body starting from the foot, the back up to the head.


Every part of him started being painful until eyes stopped working and the man turned blind from that day up to now.

One day he woke up and found a good samaritan waiting for him.

This good Samaritan took them out to the hospital.

The man paid all the hospital bill and told doctors to take maximum follow-up of the grandpa.

After a few days, doctors told this grandpa that his left leg would not function again and it may keep causing more body damages if not removed.

The grandpa had no any other options rather than seeing his leg being taken off.

He was told he suffered leprosy but says he would have recovered if we went to hospitals earlier.


Leprosy is a chronic and a curable infectious disease, mainly causing skin lesions and nerve damage.

Leprosy is caused by infection with the bacterial microbacterium.

It mainly affects the skin, eyes, the nose and peripheral nerves.

Symptoms include light coloured red skin patches with reduced sensation, numbness and weakness in hands and feet.

Leprosy can be cured within 6 to 12 months of multi-drug therapy.

It is said that early treatment avoid disability.


This is what happened to the grandpa having not visited hospitals on time, but it still wasn’t his mistakes.

And then was the beginning of life.


Struggles and suffering at their best.

If the man wants to go somewhere, then that becomes a big problem because he lives alone.

He has to come near at the door and shout: help, help.


If the grandpa is lucky enough, someone comes and ties the rope around his neck, then go on pulling him as if they’re pulling a domestic animal.

This is the only way the old man moves from one place to another.

Due to the way, he has no wheelchair and no one can ever manage to lift this man.

He says he was lucky.


He met a beautiful lady, so beautiful on the inside, not the appearance, of course, as the man does not see, he did not even know how she looked like.

They got legally married.

Their dream was to live forever until death.

Do them apart.

They were blessed with five children.

They lived peacefully until one day, when there was our outbreak, everyone had fears and everyone ran our fleeing.

They fled to different places.

Their wife flew her way, children went their own way and the father also took his own way.

After the war came to an end, the father returned.

The mother did not return and only two out of five children returned.

The man lost three children and their mother.

Well, he does not know if they died or else if they exist.

He’s always doubtful, not sure if his three children and the wife died or else if they’re somewhere to the other corners of the world.

He is now living a worst life one has never wished to have.

Living without a child to take care of you and having no money to at least pay he who can help the old man.

His life keeps becoming worse because he is physically impaired.

No walking nor seeing.

This makes his life very complicated and his house is always messy as there is no one to clean the mess, make the bed and arrange everything.

He says it’s as if he’s living life without life.

From his own perspective, he says he’s not having a life someone could be proud to have and says he deserves more than all these problems.

The two children who returned with him could not keep living in such extreme poverty but decided to go elsewhere in urban areas looking for a job, and since then they have never returned to even say hi to their dad.

Now, whatever the man says is always negative, no positive what comes out of his mouth, all because of what he has been through, and ask God to come and take his servant to him.

He is ready and has endured enough and says: enough is enough.

Myhugo says he had a lot of possessions, including a load of pieces of land, cattle and houses, and ever since turning blind and losing the wife and his children mysteriously, people went on stealing all he had.

People took the advantage of his blindness and weakness and then took everything for him.

He is now left with nothing.

He lives alone and this has taught the man to do a few things by himself.

Despite being blind, he can cook well.

We’re not sure if we wait for the food to be ready or eat it halfway.

All we know is that he cooks by himself.

Well, this is extraordinary: cooking without eyes.

Life isn’t fair, no matter what life throws your way, no matter how unfair it may seem.

Refused to play the victim, refuse to be ruled by fear, pessimism and negativity, refuse to quit, be a warrior and walk through whatever life throws your way with courage, love and positivity, and continually push forward, because you are survivor of the unfairness of life.

You are stronger than you think and you are capable of achieving far more than you believe.

Thank you for watching.

I’m Elijah and this is afromax english.

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