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Mrityunjay Das’s story highlights the challenges and triumphs associated with hydrocephalus, a condition characterized by a build-up of fluid in the brain. This excess fluid can lead to increased pressure on the brain and potentially cause damage to brain tissue if left untreated.

In Mrityunjay’s case, his hydrocephalus resulted in an extreme enlargement of his head, resembling the size of a watermelon. This condition not only posed serious health risks but also subjected his family to social stigma and ostracization from their community.

Mother and child: The boy's parents, Kamalesh Das and Kavita, revealed that their family had been ostracised by neighbours in Ranpur, Nayagarhsince

Fortunately, Mrityunjay underwent successful surgery at AIIMS hospital in Bhuwaneshwar to alleviate the fluid build-up and reduce the size of his head. Over six weeks of treatment, nearly four liters of fluid were drained from his head, resulting in a significant reduction in head circumference.

Condition: In the past, hydrocephalus was sometimes referred to as ¿water on the brain¿ (the word hydrocephalus comes from the Greek words for water and head)

The positive outcomes of the surgery extend beyond physical improvement; they offer hope for a better quality of life for Mrityunjay and his family. As his head size normalizes, the family anticipates a shift in community attitudes, hoping to end the hurtful labels and discrimination they have faced due to their son’s appearance.

Urgent: If left untreated, it carries the risk of long-term mental and physical disabilities as a result of permanent brain damage

Hydrocephalus is a serious medical condition that requires timely intervention to prevent long-term complications such as brain damage. Treatment typically involves surgical procedures like placing a shunt to redirect excess cerebrospinal fluid away from the brain to another part of the body where it can be absorbed.

Medical team: The family, doctors and nurses helped alleviate the pressure on the boy's brain

Mrityunjay’s story underscores the importance of raising awareness about hydrocephalus and the need for accessible medical care to address complex neurological conditions, ensuring that individuals like Mrityunjay can receive the treatment and support they need for a healthier future.

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