Returning home with big logs: special thanks to dad. Mina

A rescued puppy will always be the most grateful, and coming home with sweet surprises can be the best way to say Thank you! All animals on the streets are subject to countless dangers. It is a very hard life, but sometimes it is just necessary for someone to open their heart to them so that they can leave everything behind and start the life they deserve. A little dog who had a tough past decided to thank his rescuer with nothing less than giant logs.


Elliot Ford came across a pit bull mix on the streets and as soon as he saw him his heart sank. He knew he couldn’t just leave it there. The furry boy looked very sad and it was evident that he had not known love.

“I thought someone had to do something. Give him food and a home. Then I realized I had to do it,” Elliot explained.

He was a very sweet furry boy and Elliot realized that he needed help as soon as possible, he had never had a dog and he didn’t feel completely prepared. However, something inside him told him that he had to do something about it. “I had never had a bond with a dog before. It’s been new for me, but it’s wonderful. “I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world,” Elliot celebrated.

He decided to name him Snoop and just a couple of weeks after rescuing him he realized that it had been the best decision of his life. Snoop was too happy to see that he had food and a safe roof to sleep. The life every dog ​​deserves! Snoop and his family live in Dursley, UK.

To thank him, Snoop brings Elliot a huge log every day. The first time, he was very surprised, but he could not imagine that the friendly little dog would never stop in his search for logs.

“He seemed surprised to realize that a better life existed. It made me feel very good to help him. Now he is happy and he can do whatever he wants,” celebrates Elliot.

Elliot lives in the country, so Snoop has a huge space to go on all kinds of adventures and do what he likes most in the world: look for logs. At first, any stick was enough, but over time the funny furry became more and more demanding.

Snoop has his own Instagram with more than 35 thousand followers.

Now he arrives with whole tree branches and takes them to his owner, wagging his tail from side to side. It is clear that the funny Snoop is proud of his encounters. After all, not all dogs have his peculiar talent for finding bigger and bigger logs. “He is always looking for the biggest stick he can find in his path. 50% of the sticks he collects he takes home,” Elliot explained.

Snoop and Elliot have become best friends. A few years ago he adopted him without stopping to think how much this would change his life. Now, he simply can’t imagine what his days would be like without the funny furry fan of huge trunks. “In difficult times I have found that Snoop is fundamental in my life,” Elliot said.

This is further proof of all the love that animals give us when we help them. On more than one occasion, they are actually the ones who save our lives. No matter the difficulties we are going through, the furry ones always find some way to make us smile and remind us what is most important. Adopt a puppy and in return you will receive an inexhaustible source of love. They will never stop thanking you for your love!

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