Really hot! For the first time, Russian military aircraft are making their worldwide debut at the Dubai

At the Dubai Airshow 2021, Russia has taken the spotlight by debuting several of its cutting-edge military aircraft. This event, known for its diverse participation from both Eastern and Western aircraft companies, showcases Russia’s latest aviation advancements. Among the notable Russian presentations are the Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate fighter jet and an array of helicopters from Russian Helicopters, including the Mi-28NE, Ka-52, and Ka-226T.

First international presentation of Russia's Checkмate fighter jet starts in DuƄai - Blog Before Flight - Aerospace and Defense News

Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate

The Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate fighter jet, which made its international debut at the Dubai Airshow, is designed to be an affordable, lightweight tactical fighter incorporating 21st-century aerospace technology. First unveiled at the MAKS 2021 airshow in Moscow, Checkmate targets operators who cannot afford or access advanced aircraft like the F-35, J-20, or Su-57. Rostec officials highlight the strategic importance of the UAE as a platform to showcase this aircraft to potential partners globally.

Checkmate offers outstanding range, speed, and payload capacity for its class. It boasts unique avionics, low visibility, and capabilities to counter advanced air defense systems. As part of its international debut, a new promotional video and even a perfume line have been launched to attract interest in this fifth-generation fighter jet, which symbolizes a decisive and valuable combat unit in geopolitical terms.

Russian Helicopters’ Debuts

Mi-28NE “Night Hunter”

The Mi-28NE “Night Hunter,” an export variant of the attack helicopter, featured prominently both in the static display and the flight program at the Dubai Airshow. Known for its combat capabilities and survivability, the Mi-28NE performed aerobatic maneuvers at minimal altitudes and speeds, demonstrating its robustness. This helicopter, designed for reconnaissance and attack missions, can defeat main battle tanks, armored vehicles, and low-speed air targets under various conditions. The Mi-28NE, first shown in 2015 and exported since 2016, is known for its resilience in battle and complex aerobatics enabled by its powerful engine and unique rotor design.

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Ka-52 “Alligator”

The Ka-52 “Alligator,” another attack and reconnaissance helicopter, made its Dubai Airshow debut. Initially deployed by the Russian Navy and later by the Egyptian Navy, the Ka-52 features a low visual and acoustic signature and is equipped with electronic protection and active countermeasures. Its coaxial rotor design makes it suitable for operations on and below ship decks, allowing for quick and precise maneuvering.

Ka-226T “Climber”

The Ka-226T, a modernized version of the Ka-226, also made its international premiere at the Dubai Airshow. This helicopter boasts improved aerodynamics, lightweight materials, and enhanced safety features, including a crashworthy fuel system. Known for its high-altitude operations, the Ka-226T was first introduced at MAKS-2021 and represents a significant step forward in digital design and rapid production.

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The Mi-171A2, a heavy multipurpose helicopter, made its debut in the Middle East at the Dubai Airshow. Distinguished by its powerful and efficient engines, composite main rotor blades, X-shaped tail rotor, and advanced avionics, the Mi-171A2 will be handed over to its first UAE operator post-show. This model showcases significant upgrades over its predecessors, enhancing performance and operational capabilities.


The Dubai Airshow 2021 serves as a significant platform for Russia to showcase its latest military aviation technologies to a global audience. With the international debut of the Su-75 Checkmate and various advanced helicopters, Russia demonstrates its continued innovation and competitiveness in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Ka-226T helicopter presented at the DuƄai Airshow - Vertical Mag

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