Realizing creative dreams: The inspiring story of amazing conjoined twins

At the juncture when Sis’s condition would typically manifest, our twins underwent a 9-month ultrasound. Despite the growth of the additional leg, it proved to be nonfunctional.”


That’s all, Mom, narrowing down the focus.

Does Dian have more freedom to move now? I aspire to become an artist and, if that’s your dream too, I support it.

Hi, so here it is. If it’s the older sister’s name, erase it; it’s Anugerah. If it’s the younger sibling, name it UPTD Wings. If it’s an older sibling, call it Putri; if there’s another, name it Dewi. You’re welcome to Abi. Her hobbies include cooking, learning, and coloring.


That’s all she likes, enjoys coloring, loves it, enjoys drawing, loves to paint, paints frequently, loves painting, mystical, Eyebrow Kenzou, intense.


Okay, the next two times, call with her and Felix Felix Ustadz Mahfudz. The condition of Sis Bunga, our twins, should be like this, ultrasound at 9 months, since the 9th pregnancy. Anyone who already knows that if the condition of these children, even the doctor said, ‘Yes, well, it’s possible both, press tea, Fate, big animal, Khairin, option, should of, cannot be separated.’


The vital organs are intertwined within each other, even though they can potentially be separated.


Yes, most likely, yes, there’s no turn, the medical team, yes, they don’t want to; the police are not there; they cannot be separated.


So, Facs Tempoco, sir, is the restaurant the same, Grandma Ifadah, thank you very much, I’m going home.


Now, the space for movement is freer than the material we have. The thing is, the extra legs grow too, but they don’t serve any purpose.


That’s it, and it limits the scope, space for quiet movement, now more freedom, Kiluan, favorite dishes, usually fried chicken or earlier, or vegetables, fruit.

That’s it, yeah.

Oh, because I cook anything, I just eat it.

The thing is, your cooking, GB Dharma, tastes better than that person’s cooking.

Yes, ma, please, Hi, timid.


The simple next step is that Barcelona is taught to be independent so that if you continue to be helped, you must be able to be independent.

Well, Ahmad, stay there.


Freestyle test ride, Piaggio, cemilun without any season, still weak, still weak, still weak, sometimes. If so, not strong for long.


What is the furthest distance, the most back and forth is 5n, if there are two meters, it is more than three meters, if you count five times Demak, Bali times, that gets 11 meters.

Well, up until now, the limit has been studying at home, that’s fine.


Hah, I want to go to the Koran, I’ve had a trailer, I’ve been reading the Koran, my king, Kayla hello, like this, I want to aspire to be an artist.

And uh, if you’re the dream, if it’s Diamond,


The way to struggle is not just a little bit at first, it takes time, it takes energy, it costs money, now it’s not, I’m very proud to come out to see my bright growth, at least now I’m not sickly, I’m grateful, like when I was little, boo, boo, Hi Ho.

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