Raised with the utmost care, crocodiles and jaguars are left behind when they meet.pink

The unexpected encounter between an otter and a crocodile, captured by a camera in Lake Woodruff National Park in Florida, USA, has drawn attention for its surprising outcome. Contrary to popular belief, it was the crocodile, not the alligator, that fell victim to the otter’s attack.


According to the recorded video, the otter easily cornered the crocodile into a tree and then pinned it down, biting its back. Despite their similar sizes, the crocodile had no chance to fight back against the otter.

In another video filmed in the Amazon, an otter fearlessly intruded into the territory of caiman crocodiles, lying casually near the cold-blooded predators without any sign of fear. The crocodiles, rather than reacting aggressively, attempted to avoid the otter.


Numerous videos have shown giant otters in the jungles of South America attacking caiman crocodiles. Even as recently as 2019, near the Brazilian jaguar research station on the banks of the São Lourenço River, eyewitnesses saw a jaguar running away in fright when encountering a group of otters.


Caiman crocodiles are formidable predators in the swamps of South America, primarily feeding on fish, crustaceans, and small aquatic animals. Despite their hunting skills, they are no match for the giant otters of South America.


Giant otters, also known as “river wolves,” inhabit the central-northern part of South America, mainly along the Amazon River and the Pantanal region. With their long bodies and strong muscles, they are adept swimmers and hunters, consuming a large amount of food daily.

Giant otters are intelligent and skilled hunters, capable of detecting prey with their keen eyesight and antennae. Despite their friendly appearance, they are fearsome fighters, often attacking predators much larger than themselves, including crocodiles and anacondas.


Living in groups of 3 to 10 individuals, giant otters mate year-round and care for their offspring collectively. Young otters learn to swim and hunt within weeks of birth, remaining with the group until they reach sexual maturity at around 2.5 years of age.

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