Radiant Happiness: A British couple embrace their gorgeous 5-year-old daughter and their rare identical twins.pink

Karen and Ian Gilbert, from Pontypool, U.K., joyfully welcomed identical triplets, Ffion, Maddison, and Paige, into their family, adding to the excitement brought by their older daughter, Faye. Karen, 32, gave birth to the triplets by C-section two months early on August 2nd. After spending six weeks in intensive care, all three babies are now home and healthy.


The triplets were the ultra-rare result of a single fertilized egg dividing into three separate embryos. Karen and Ian initially thought they were expecting one baby, but at eight weeks, Karen experienced severe pain, leading them to fear a miscarriage. Instead, they discovered they were expecting triplets, who were competing for space in the womb.

Ian Gilbert described the initial shock of seeing their tiny daughters, who weighed less than 11 pounds combined at birth, but now, as they settle into life at home, the babies are starting to feel like their own. Karen and Ian are beginning to see their daughters’ distinct personalities shine through.


The pregnancy was challenging, particularly due to the risk of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a condition where blood flows unevenly between fetuses sharing the same placenta. Despite this risk, the Gilberts refused selective reduction, a procedure that aborts one or more fetuses in a multifetal pregnancy. They were closely monitored with weekly scans to ensure the triplets were growing well.

Karen went into early labor during her last scan, but the triplets, though still tiny at less than 6 pounds each, are doing well. Ian noted the toll the pregnancy took on Karen, as the rapid growth of the triplets put significant strain on her body. Now, Karen is taking time to recover and bond with her three beautiful daughters. The family, though adjusting to their new reality, is embracing the joy and challenges of raising identical triplets.


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