Queen Elizabeth’s profound sorrow upon losing her devoted 13-year companion

For many years,  Queen Elizabeth has been characterized by her great love of dogs . Her palace has become home to dozens of furry animals, especially corgis. Vulcan and Candy were her last canine children  so they became the most special to her.“His Majesty adores his dogs,” the Palace spokesman said.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the delicate situation caused by the coronavirus and isolation,  the queen has had to say goodbye to her beloved Vulcan. The little boy  accompanied the monarch since 2007 and left this world at more than 13 years of age.“When one of her dogs leaves this world it is always a very hard blow for her, especially now,” said the Palace spokesperson.

He was a  dachshund-corgi mix  and had the habit of faithfully accompanying the Queen, even on her international travels. Queen Elizabeth always showed a very special affection for dogs of this breed.

Since she was very young she could be seen surrounded by these furry dogs and Vulcan is the result of the fourteenth generation of Susan,  a dog that was given to the queen on her 18th birthday.

For years, the Queen kept corgis exclusively until  one of her dogs was crossed with Princess Margaret’s dachshund.  After many years,  the Royal Palace made the decision to stop breeding puppies  so that Vulcan will be known as the queen’s penultimate dog.

Now she will only have the company of Candy and some say that  this will make the festivities even lonelier for her.  To set an example about the isolation measures, the Queen will share the holidays exclusively with the Duke of Edinburgh and will not meet with the other two family groups.

The news was given to the media through a Palace spokesperson. However, the reason why Vulcan lost his life has not been clarified. The beautiful little dog had appeared in multiple photographs with his owner  and many claimed that she  fed them herself and walked them as much as possible.«He loves walking his dogs. Walking long distances with them  helps her stay active ,” said his son Prince Andrew.

The dogs that live with the monarch know that  if they see her wearing a crown they should remain calm on the carpet.  On the other hand, if they see her with a scarf,  they understand that it is time for a well-deserved walk.

The departure of a puppy is always heartbreaking,  animals are very special beings capable of giving us all the love in the world.  The Queen’s pets have played a vital role in helping her through her old age and  there is no doubt that the beautiful Vulcan will be greatly missed.Did you know about Queen Elizabeth’s enormous love for her dogs? Tell us your opinion and do not hesitate to share this news.

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