Puppy poses a storm with his bright smile and celebrates his birthday special!

Everyone who has a pet knows that everything changed in their lives from the day those adorable furballs came to stay. They, with their infinite love, make the ordinary something extraordinary and  end up becoming the spoiled member of the family .Many people decide to celebrate their birthdays  and reiterate through a small celebration how important it is to have them at home.The little dog lives in Mexico with his family.

At least that’s how it is  for Joyce Cetina and her family , who  adopted Odin three years ago , a beautiful little dog with short legs, small ears, and a tiny tail that always moves in the most tender way when he is happy.

Odin spends his days surrounded by beings who have been responsible for making him truly happy , pampering him and giving him all the attention he deserves.With his tender look he conquers many hearts.

His family highlights that since he came into their lives he has filled their home with love, for them  adopting him was the best thing they could have done , so each anniversary they make him feel even more special. Joyce commented:“He is a very faithful companion. He loves to hug and play.”

For this family  there is no better reason to celebrate than the day they adopted little Odin . They feel that that day they received the best gift in the world, a beautiful being that continues to conquer their hearts.They organized a surprise party for him, where Odin showed how happy he was.Odin enjoyed his special dog cake.

With lots of decorations, a dog cake, and even an adorable birthday hat,  Odin celebrated his special date . Joyce said:“At first I was a little confused, I didn’t understand what it was about. Then he saw that the celebration was centered on him, and that the cake was for him. He was very happy “.

When it came time to sing Happy Birthday, Odin  was so excited that he showed it with a tender and big smile . Without a doubt, he had loved the surprise.

The puppy received many gifts, kisses, hugs and extra attention that he enjoyed every moment.Every day the family shows him how much they love him, but  they did not want to overlook the date that changed their lives .“Odin is loved and pampered all year round, but for us it is a very important day because it is the day he entered our lives.”

We hope this family can continue enjoying Odin and his infinite tenderness for much longer.For all animal lovers there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a furry friend loved and surrounded by beings who give them all the attention they deserve. He shares and fills the world with tender stories.

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