Preserving Treasured Moments: Mothers Use Photography to Showcase the Tender Essence of Their Adored Angels and Preserve Their

In 2020, delivering babies became even more challenging and stressful due to the additional impact of the pandemic. The already daunting and painful process of childbirth demanded even greater resilience and endurance.

Although many childbirth photographers experienced a significant decline in their work during that year, the captured images reflected the profound beauty of new life emerging amidst overwhelming sorrow.

This month, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) announced the winners of their yearly birth photo contest.

Entries from around the world were evaluated across five categories: birth details, labor, delivery, postpartum, and Fresh 48 (capturing the initial hours of life).

“We are incredibly proud of the entries of this year’s competition because in spite of all we endured in our community in recent months, this contest represents the resilience birth photographers have to overcome unforeseen challenges,” said Liz Cook, director of the IAPBP. “We are proud to present to you a breathtaking body of work that shares life’s most powerful moments from 2020.”

Here are 20 of this year’s winners and honorable mentions:

  1. “Daddy’s Girls” by Ashley Marston of Ashley Marston Birth Photography (Canada).
  2. “The Origin of Life” by Charlene Foerster of Charlene Foerster Fotografie (Germany).
  3. “The Greatest Love in the World” by Anne Lucy Silva Barbosa of Anne Lucy Fotografia (Brazil).
  4. “Nourish” by Jami Edgar of Touch of Hart Photography (United States).
  5. “Grace” by Danny Merz of Danny Merz | Geburtsreportage (Germany).
  6. “Nursing a Newborn” by Carey Lippert of Carey Laureen Photos & Films (United States).
  7. “The Strength Within You Is Greater Than Any Storm” by Lisa Phillips of Lisa Phillips Photography (United States).
  8. “The Miracle of Life in Your Hands” by Nora Dalmasso of Nora Dalmasso Fotografia (Argentina).
  9. “You and You and Me” by Brittany Knapik of The Birth Story Collective (United States).
  10. “A Mother’s Guidance” by Cat Fancote of Capturing Birth (Australia).
  11. “Home Birth in a Pandemic” by Ashley Marston of Ashley Marston Photography (Canada).
  12. “Welcome Little Woman” by Kate Kennedy of Kate Kennedy Birth Photography (Australia).
  13. “Birthing Queen” by Kate Kennedy of Kate Kennedy Birth Photography (Australia).
  14. “Examining Every Detail” by Lisa Phillips of Lisa Phillips Photography (United States).
  15. “Reborn” by Rianna Cross of Birthspoke (Australia).
  16. “When Time Stands Still” by Ashley Marston of Ashley Marston Photography (Canada).
  17. “Of All Our Travels, This Journey Will Be Our Greatest” by Dana Jacobs of Dana Jacobs Photography (United States).
  18. “This Moment 2020” by Kandace Wagar of Songbird and Oak Photography (Canada).

These photographs capture the raw emotions and tender moments of childbirth, showcasing the resilience of families and the beauty of new life in the face of unprecedented challenges.

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