“Penis snakes”, similar in shape to human penises, were found in the state of Florida – USA and seem to come from the Amazon River.pink

The article discusses the discovery of “penis snakes,” which belong to the Caecilian order of amphibians, in Miami, Florida, in November 2019. These snakes, with a worm-like appearance and native to Colombia and Venezuela near the Amazon River basin, are blind and use tentacles to find food. Despite their unusual name, they are not dangerous to humans and likely feed on small animals while being preyed upon by larger species.

Strange penis snake appears in America - Photo 2.

The discovery of these snakes in Florida raises concerns about their potential establishment in the region. Little is known about these animals in the wild, and authorities fear they may spread to other areas of the United States. The Florida State Museum manager, Coleman Sheehy, mentioned that they are likely just another non-native species in South Florida, with habits similar to worms and feeding on termites, small snakes, frogs, and lizards.

In response to potential ecological and safety concerns associated with non-native reptile species, the Florida state government plans to implement a ban on the sale, ownership, and keeping of certain reptiles, including green South American dragons and pythons, starting in 2024. This measure is aimed at preventing negative impacts on ecosystems, the economy, and human health and safety due to invasive reptile species.

Strange penis snake appears in America - Photo 3.

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