Patron – Honoring the war hero dog who saved the lives of innocent souls in Ukraine

A brave dog has become a key piece for the Ukrainian troops trying to defend their country from the Russian invasion.Because not only the soldiers are demonstrating great bravery in the midst of the conflict, today we want to introduce you to the  Patron: a Jack Russell terrier  and a fundamental piece for the  State Emergency Service (SES)  of Ukraine.


Patron is in the middle of the conflict providing support to the military in a laudable job. The dog is in charge of detecting explosives to deactivate them before it is too late.

These “gifts from Russia” (as the team kindly call it), put the lives of civilians and soldiers at risk, so this dog’s work is really important. In exchange for his service,  Patron receives unusual snacks for a dog;  And the furry one doesn’t like meat as much as he likes cheese.Yes, the dog has exquisite tastes.

Patrón is two years old and has already become the star tracker, helping to find mines throughout Chernihiv, a city in the north of the country. As the team recently reported,  the dog  has already helped detect 90 “Russian gifts” and continues to add to the list.“Patron News! Our militant dog, the mascot of the Chernihiv pyrotechnicians continues to serve! Since the start of the war, he and SES sappers have cleared almost 90 explosive devices. Thank you friend for your tireless work,” the team announced.

The dog earned the recognition of his group for his great work and after making his career known, they have also applauded Patrón on social media and sent them their blessings.Many Internet users have protested the use of dogs in security groups like these, a valid objection for many.

However, in the midst of a conflict of this nature, both Patron and thousands of animals have been completely vulnerable, like millions of Ukrainian families.

For this reason, so many foundations and  independent animal rights organizations  fight to save so many dogs and pets trapped in the middle of the conflict.Let’s hope the situation can stop soon, but while this is happening the brave dog continues saving the lives of many.

Patrón’s days begin with his team, who not only feed him but  protect him like a true treasure.This dog has become a great ally for those who fight in the aforementioned city in defense of Russian attacks.

The dog walks the streets in the company of his team and with his proper security uniform, although we know that stepping on one of the Russian gifts would be fatal for everyone. Luckily, Patron is very well trained and his canine sense of smell is quite reliable.

Patron scours the fields surrounding the city in search of any suspicious object.The dog’s work begins very early, in the midst of the conflict  there is little rest that he or his team can have.However, the squad tries to protect him and  constantly pets  and tends to him to relieve his stress levels, especially when alarms go off or air raids occur.Like all furry dogs, Patrón is also scared by loud noises, but  his sense of smell is available to save lives  and avoid so many victims.

No one would want Patron to have to face this harsh reality. Therefore, like many users in the world who know his story, we take our hats off to the work that the dog and his squad do to save so many lives. And, especially, we hope that the entire conflict stops soon and all beings in Ukrainian territory can breathe the winds of peace again.

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