Opening up new possibilities: Italy’s commitment to the CAMM-ER missile expansion is growing

The first amendment of the CAMM-ER (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile – Extended Range) Contract was signed at the OCCAR premises in Rome, Italy. The OCCAR-EA Director, Mr. Joachim Sucker, together with the Managing Director of MBDA Italy Mr. Giovanni Soccodato, signed this important agreement for additional systems’ production, on behalf of Italy. Thanks to this amendment OCCAR will procure more short-range air-defence (SHORAD) systems for the Italian Air Force (MAADS – Modular Advance Anti Air Systems –variant) and Army (GRIFO variant) both based on the “CAMM-ER” missile. This will also allow the delivery of telemetric operational missiles (TOM), necessary for training in firing ranges. These new procurement activities will complete the first batch of systems’ production which OCCAR awarded to MBDA on the 28 November 2022 for the Italian forces.

This is a further development for the FSAF-PAAMS (Famille des systèmes Surface-Air Futurs, Famiglia dei sistemi Superficie-Aria Futuri – Principal Anti Air Missile Systems) Programme Division, marking yet another stride towards meeting the objectives set forth by the Italian MoD. During his address, the OCCAR Director recognised the high level of effort undertaken by the stakeholders’ community, with special mention of the pivotal contributions made by the Italian MoD, OCCAR-EA (Central Office and FSAF-PAAMS Programme Division) and MBDA. It is their collective dedication and open, cooperative spirit that has propelled us toward the achievement of such a significant milestone, furthering the interests of the Italian Defence and solidifying our commitment to excellence.

CAMM-ER is an active Surface-to-Air missile equipped with a Soft Vertical Launch (SVL) with a turn-over system and a single stage dual-boost rocket engine. The SVL system ejects the missile from its canister by a gas generator, the missile then turns itself towards the threat by use of lateral actuators before igniting the engine.

The ammunition is effective against Air Breathing Threats (ABT), fighter and attack aircrafts, bombers, helicopters, cruise and anti-radiation missiles. For the Italian Army, Grifo will provide a SHORAD system equipped with the Rheinmetall X-TAR 3D multifunctional X-band radar (installed in the Posto Comando Modulo Ingaggio – PCMI – system) and CAMM-ER launchers, all mounted on tactical vehicles for high mobility in and out of non-prepared terrains. It has been chosen by the Italian Army to replace the Skyguard/Aspide system.

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