Off the coast of Cabo, Mexico, a fish captured an unusual clownfish. Knowing its origin, he swiftly unleashed the full

The “sea monster” captured in a photo with its strange, alien-like appearance has caused a stir on social media, with many speculating about its origins. Captured by Jaime Rendón, the captain of the Pescado fishing vessel, the creature garnered attention for its pink and white coloration, big black eyes, and swollen belly.

Initially thought to be a mysterious morning monster due to its rough skin, three rows of blunt teeth, and three branching slits on its sides, scientists later confirmed that it was, in fact, an albino shark.

Albino sharks are unusual because they typically have three gill slits on each side, whereas normal fish have 5-7. Additionally, their eyes are dark and peculiar in shape, adding to their unusual appearance.

The swollen abdomen of albino sharks is a distinctive feature, as it allows them to quickly absorb gas or air, causing their bodies to swell and making them difficult for predators to attack. This ability aids in their defense against threats.

Typically, albino sharks have dark brown eyes and irregular dark spots on their bodies, although young specimens may be lighter in color. The pink and white coloration observed on the captured creature is attributed to albinism.

Concerned for the creature’s well-being, Jaime Rendón made the decision to release it back into the sea, allowing it to return to its natural habitat. Despite its otherworldly appearance, the “sea monster” ultimately proved to be a fascinating example of the diversity and uniqueness of marine life.

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