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A few years ago, the image of a skinny, emaciated boy on the streets of Uyo, Nigeria was shared online, making many people feel sad.

In the image, female aid worker Anja Ringgren Lovén is tilting a water bottle towards the poor boy’s lips. She was found hungry when she was just 2 years old after spending 8 months wandering the streets.

The reason the baby had to wander on the streets was because his parents abandoned him because they were considered a witch. When I was found, life was in an extremely fragile situation. However, Hope recovered, smiled and became plump and lovely, a far cry from her previous appearance.

Bất ngờ cuộc sống của cậu bé da bọc xương từng khiến cả thế giới ám ảnh - 1

Recalling the time in 2016, Anja said: “When we rescued, Hope was in a terrible condition. The boy was severely malnourished, suffering from many diseases. During the first 2 weeks of hospitalization, Hope was in a terrible condition. critical. We don’t know if Hope will survive or not?”.

During treatment at the hospital, Hope was given deworming medicine and a blood transfusion to replenish red blood cells after a long period of lack of nutrients. The help of Anja and the doctors revived Hope’s life, leading to an ending that no one could have expected.

Through the recovery process, Hope is now a healthy 7-year-old boy and goes to school like many of his peers.

According to Anja, Hope is very healthy and enjoys going to school. Smart boy, passionate about art and creative subjects. “Hope has artistic talent and many of his paintings have been sold. We call Hope the little Picasso artist,” Anja said.

Bất ngờ cuộc sống của cậu bé da bọc xương từng khiến cả thế giới ám ảnh - 3

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