Mutant animals in Argentina: The truth behind the two-headed goat and eight-legged

In recent months, an alarming number of animals with severe deformities have been reported on farms across Argentina. While the specific causes remain unclear, many suspect that the use of chemicals in agriculture could be to blame. Here are some of the most shocking cases:

Mutant Goat in El Malacara

In April, a goat was born with extreme deformities in El Malacara, Santiago del Estero. The kid, which had severe physical abnormalities, died minutes after birth, along with its mother. Witnesses were shocked, having never seen anything like it before. Animal rights activists suggested that the deformities could be due to hormones, pesticides, and other chemicals used in farming.


The calf was born with two heads and six legs (CEN)

Eight-Legged Pig and Piglet with Two Mouths

In March, a sow gave birth to a pig with eight legs and another piglet with two mouths in El Galpon, Salta. Dubbed the “real-life spider pig,” this piglet shocked the local community. The farmer was bewildered and noted the lack of investigative interest from authorities. Consequently, he disposed of the piglet without further examination.


The animal, born in Argentina, was dubbed ‘spider pig’ (CEN)

Calf with Two Heads and Six Legs

A calf with two heads and six legs was born in Los Conquistadores, Entre Rios. Cowherd Ramon Cabrera described the difficult five-hour birth, which resulted in the calf’s death shortly after. A vet suggested that the mother had likely been expecting twins that became conjoined due to genetic malformation. Environmental groups again pointed to chemical usage as a potential cause.

This goat, born with two heads, died within hours (CEN)

Translucent-Skinned Pig

Perhaps the most disturbing case was a pig born with translucent skin near Santiago del Estero Province. The pig lived for only a few hours, during which its internal organs and blood flow were visible through its skin. Farmer Ademaro Valadez Vasquez expressed deep concern about environmental factors, noting the proximity to previous cases of animal deformities.

A pig with translucent skin was described as a “mutant” (CEN)

“Dobby” Puppy

In a nearby area, a puppy resembling “Dobby the house elf” from the Harry Potter series was born, further fueling concerns about chemical contamination in the region. Farmers like Vasquez are demanding governmental investigation into these abnormalities, fearing the impact of pollutants on animal and potentially human health.


The ‘Dobby’ puppy was born in the Copo area of the Santiago del Estero Province, in northern Argentina (CEN)

Environmental Concerns

The recurring pattern of severe animal deformities in Argentina raises significant environmental concerns. The suspected link to agricultural chemicals demands rigorous investigation. Activists and farmers alike are calling for comprehensive studies to identify the exact causes and to implement measures to prevent further occurrences.


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