Many people were moved to tears when they saw the last moments of our preemie twins and realized how lucky we were to have them both at

In a heart-wrenching story of loss and love, Sonia and Roy have experienced the profound grief of losing their twin boys, born at 21.3 weeks gestation. Despite Twin B Cloud measuring slightly larger at 22.1 weeks, the twins were too premature to survive under current medical guidelines, which often do not provide treatment for babies born before 24 weeks. These boys were deeply wanted and loved by their family, including their big sister Océane.

The Family’s Plea for Change

Sonia and Roy, driven by their love and the memory of their sons, are advocating for a change in viability guidelines for micro preemies. They believe that hospitals should reconsider their policies regarding the treatment of extremely premature infants. They argue that some babies born as early as 21 weeks have survived and thrived, challenging the existing norms and urging a reevaluation of current medical practices.

The Call to Action

The family’s plea is not just personal but also a call to action for broader change. They are asking for support in their fight to ensure that all babies, regardless of their gestational age, are given a chance to survive if they are healthy. Their heartbreaking experience highlights the need for medical guidelines to evolve, taking into account advancements in neonatal care that can potentially save the lives of the youngest and most vulnerable.

A Tribute to the Twins

Sonia and Roy’s love for their twin boys is everlasting. They remember them every day, cherishing the short time they had together. Their message is one of profound love and enduring grief, emphasizing that their family will always feel incomplete without their beloved sons. They hope that by sharing their story, they can bring about change that will prevent other families from experiencing the same pain.


The story of Sonia, Roy, and their twin boys underscores the urgent need to reassess medical guidelines for the treatment of micro preemies. Their advocacy seeks to honor their sons’ memory by fighting for the lives of other premature babies. The family’s unwavering love and commitment to their cause serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion and progress in neonatal care.\

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