Love without borders: The story of a single mother overcoming bad luck to take care of her

Who Can Truly Bring You Through It If God Brings You To It?

Many people with strong faith adhere to the belief that if God brings you to a challenge, He will also guide you through it. Life is full of difficulties, and it’s not uncommon for people to doubt their faith when faced with relentless hardships. However, the belief in God’s presence, even when it’s not immediately visible, is a cornerstone of faith for many.

Section 1: The Genetic Challenges

Today we revisit Burundi to share the story of an 18-year-old girl named Maria, whose life has been marked by severe physical challenges since infancy. Maria has spent many years confined to bed, unable to move, sit, or stand.

For those unfamiliar with Maria’s story, it began with her mother, Godeliva, and her father, who were deeply in love. They welcomed their first child, Maria, with immense joy, but their happiness was short-lived. When Maria was only six days old, she started crying incessantly at night and developed a high fever. Godeliva rushed her to the hospital, where their nightmare began.

Maria’s condition worsened, and she spent months in the hospital. Her head grew abnormally large due to a condition called Hydrocephalus, where fluid accumulates in the brain. This led to her family spending two years in the hospital, unable to afford the mounting bills. Eventually, they were forced to leave without settling their debt, and Maria’s father abandoned them, unable to cope with the situation.

Section 2: Unyielding Determination

Despite these overwhelming challenges, Godeliva’s faith and determination have not wavered. She has managed to solve some of her problems with God’s help and continues to believe that she will overcome the remaining obstacles. Her resilience is evident as she tackles the everyday difficulties of raising eight children alone.

Section 3: The Power of Faith and Community Support

Faith plays a significant role in Godeliva’s life, providing her with the strength to face each day. The support from the community and generous donors has been vital. Recently, Godeliva was surprised with a mobile phone to help her communicate more easily and some money to expand her street vending business. This assistance has made a substantial impact, allowing her to better support her family and continue her fight for Maria’s health.

Section 4: Inspiring Others and Advocacy

Maria’s story has resonated with many, inspiring others facing similar challenges. The generosity shown towards Godeliva and Maria demonstrates the power of community and faith. By sharing their story, they have raised awareness about Hydrocephalus and the struggles of living with a severe genetic condition, advocating for better medical care and support.

Section 5: The Journey Continues

The journey is far from over. The next goal is to get Maria the advanced medical treatment she needs. Local hospitals in Burundi have been unable to provide adequate care, so the plan is to seek treatment abroad. Continued support through donations is crucial to making this possible.


The story of Maria and Godeliva is a powerful reminder that true greatness and strength come from perseverance and faith. Despite facing immense hardships, they continue to inspire and uplift those around them. Their journey underscores the importance of community support and the belief that, with faith and determination, any obstacle can be overcome. If you feel moved to contribute, you can donate to their GoFundMe campaign to help Maria receive the treatment she desperately needs.

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