Love from parents knows no

The Misaytif family is facing immense challenges while living in a relative’s tent within the Idlib refugee camps. These camps have become a temporary home for civilians seeking safety from the assaults by the Assad regime in Syria. Among them is the Misaytif’s 14-month-old son, Muhammad, who was born without limbs.

Muhammad’s condition makes it difficult for him to interact with other children, so he spends much of his time with his cat. His father, Halit Misaytif, expressed the constant need for attention and care that Muhammad requires due to his condition. Living in the camp poses additional difficulties, as they struggle to protect Muhammad from the harsh weather conditions.

Halit Misaytif also mentioned the challenges they face in providing for Muhammad’s basic needs, such as finding his milk and affording medications. His own ability to work is limited due to injuries sustained during attacks by the Assad regime. Despite these hardships, Halit hopes for a better future for Muhammad, where he can live like any other child.

The family’s hope lies in the possibility of Muhammad receiving support abroad, including prosthetics to help him lead a more independent life. Their ultimate wish is for Muhammad to have a happy and fulfilling life, despite the obstacles they face in their current situation.

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