Locating the giant “Dmitriy Donskoy”: The world’s largest submarine.pink

h relative stealth, adding to their formidable reputation.

One of the unique aspects of the Dmitry Donskoy is its interior amenities, which are unlike any other submarine ever built. Earlier footage reveals features such as an indoor swimming pool, showcasing the luxurious and unprecedented accommodations within this giant vessel.

Launched in 1980, the Dmitry Donskoy entered an extensive dry dock period in 1990 for modernization. It spent over a decade in dry dock until 2002 when it was fully fitted with the latest hardware and returned to service. Leaving dry dock from Severodvinsk, the submarine has since been an active and crucial component of the Russian Navy.

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Equipped with 20 launchers for the RSM-56 Bulava ballistic missile, the Dmitry Donskoy boasts one of the most advanced submarine-launched missile systems ever built. In 2005, it launched its first Bulava missile on September 27th, surfacing to fire from the White Sea. By December of the same year, the crew successfully fired a Bulava missile from underwater, hitting a target on the Kura Test Range. The submarine’s crew has conducted numerous other tests of the Bulava missile, including one failed test in 2009 and a successful one in 2010.

Despite its significant contributions, the Dmitry Donskoy is the last of its class still in commission. The Borei-class submarines are gradually replacing the Typhoon class, albeit in a smaller form, suggesting that the title of the world’s largest submarine will remain with the Dmitry Donskoy for some time to come.

You can witness the grandeur of the Dmitry Donskoy in action in the video from its 2017 journey, highlighting the remarkable capabilities and enduring legacy of this titan of the deep.

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