Letting go of the soul: When the dog becomes the final witness of goodbye

Fidelity and true friendship are two gifts that we do not always know how to appreciate enough. And the bond of love that we can have with our pets is undoubtedly something indescribable. That’s why when the time comes to say goodbye to them forever for whatever reason, we don’t know who suffers more, them or us. A moment that many would give their lives to avoid.

It is the sad situation of this 69-year-old man, who on his deathbed has asked for his last wish to be fulfilled and that is to say goodbye to his beloved dog Patch. Patch is a 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who came into the life of John Vincent when he was days old.

The man originally from New Mexico served in the war for several years, but before that he had lived for a long time with Pache. Last week when she had to enter palliative care at the Hospice Center at Raymond G. Murphy Medical Center in Albuquerque, she had no choice but to give him up for adoption.

So now that doctors warned him that he could die in a matter of days, his dream came true thanks to Albuquerque Animal Welfare, the shelter that cared for Patch.

The volunteers took the little animal to Vincent’s hospital bed, but they never imagined that it would have such a reaction. As soon as it saw its former owner, it began to cry.

“Yes that’s me. “That’s dad,” Vincent said when he was finally able to hug Patch. While the little dog couldn’t control his excitement and he jumped into Vincent’s lap, while the man said to him: “Are you happy to see me?” I’m so happy to see you.”.

The nurses were moved to see how Vincent was looking forward to that meeting. “When I reminded him this morning that they were coming, he said,  ‘Is this really happening?’ The shelter volunteers, in turn, also did their best to make it possible, it was the last wish of a dying person and it was in their hands to fulfill it.

They couldn’t get over their astonishment when they saw that Patch was silent the entire way to the hospice, but as soon as they entered the place and saw Vincent, starting to moan was just one thing. “It was as if he knew that he would be gone forever, he sensed it.”

Patch and Vincent had the best memories burned into their hearts. Vincent took him everywhere on his motorcycle. The man said that the puppy came into his life when his neighbor’s dog gave birth.

In this regard he says: «It was the smallest and I wanted one that I could ride on my motorcycle. The only hair he had was on his chin, which was called Patch… », Vincent said.

Albuquerque Animal Welfare shared adorable pictures of their sweet reunion saying,  “They were so happy to see each other and say goodbye. “It was an honor to make this veteran’s final wish come true.” But the most beautiful thing was published later: Patch already had a new family and when he left the hospice they would take him to his new home forever.

If you have been moved by this tender story and how friendship with a dog can be this genuine, faithful and true until death, be sure to share it on your networks.

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