Let’s celebrate our Furry Companion’s Birthday

You know that your pets matter to you because your friends start to ask you more about him or her, your family pays first for the person in the house or already has his or her own account on Instagram. Therefore, the event is as important as your birthday and can go unnoticed.

To celebrate, it is essential to have a cake that is delicious and 100% suitable for dogs. To do this, we give you important recommendations even if you are going to do it yourself:

– Do not use artificial colors, additives and flavors.

– This cake or the party snacks are your dog’s regular food, give him pleasure on his birthday, but before and after he eats his usual diet.

– If tυ dog is allergic or tieпe skin problems, it’s best to opt for lamb carпe. Likewise, if you have any food restrictions, consult your veterinarian before giving you food.

– Once out of the oven, you must wait for the cake to cool completely, about an hour or two, before the proud person eats it.

– If your dog is small (less than 10 kilos) it is best to opt for cupcakes, if it is medium (10-20 kilos) or large (more than 20) you can make the largest cake, but you will have to divide it Portions so that you eat it throughout the day and all at once.

– Some of the iпgredieпtes suitable for dogs to make υпa soп cake: eggs, flour (must be rice), platters if you like it sweet, or carпes like lamb or chicken if you prefer it salty.

For the party, the decoration of the space where the birthday will be celebrated is also important. For this, there are also catering companies dedicated exclusively to this type of events for pets .

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