Irresponsible owners and poor abandoned dogs end up wandering the streets

It is common to see many dogs and cats abandoned to their fate on the streets of Mexico . Most of them started in a home when they were puppies, but when they grow up and become a nuisance to irresponsible owners, they end up on the street.

Once they become street animals, their lifespans are reduced to a few years, if they do well.  But one thing is certain, it is exposing them to a slow or terrifying death.

Some of those dogs are run over, others will die from hunger or from beatings by drunk and reckless people.  There are also those who end up in kennels and after a few days they are put to sleep forever.

Very few will be taken in by a shelter, not because the rest do not deserve it, but because  the abandonment rates in Mexico are incredible and the government does not implement actions to hold the owners responsible.

Some associations carry out sterilization, adoption campaigns and workshops to raise people’s awareness about the care and treatment that a pet should receive,  but there is still a long way to go before there is no abuse and abandonment of dogs and cats in Mexico.

Estelaa Aguiar Armda has created a  petition  addressed to the Mexican government to consider the abandonment of dogs and cats as a serious crime.

“Because it is the greatest cruelty to abandon them to their fate and it is the root of all animal suffering, it is to expose them to diseases, hunger, thirst, mistreatment, torture and death, including electrocution in anti-rabies drugs.”“We see death on the streets daily, we must avoid this with harsh laws that condemn the abandonment of animals, and that the recurrence of these cases be severely punished.”

“If we don’t do something, no one will do it, we must pressure the Government to act quickly and decisively.”

It’s true, if we don’t do something, no one else will. Animals cannot speak, nor ask for the laws to be different, because they do not understand that. All they know is that they used to have a home and now they are alone and hungry.

It is terrible to treat animals like this and do nothing. How many times have we not heard of a neighbor who beats his dogs, abandons them or leaves them tied on a roof without a bit of shade or food?

That is not the purpose of having a pet and of course, it is not a good example that is given to children by treating dogs like this, they are only being taught how to be cruel to beings that we believe are inferior.

Help us prevent this from happening, sign the petition and make a change in your environment.  If you know of an abused dog, report it to its owner. Leave water drinkers outside your house for those dogs that need them.Collaborate with organizations that are responsible for caring for and enforcing animal rights. Every small action counts a lot.Don’t forget to  sign the  petition  addressed to the Mexican government so that  the abandonment of dogs and cats is considered a serious crime.

At no time have humans had the right to mistreat other living beings, much less dogs, which are truly noble creatures, they know how to love and be loyal like no one else.Share this note so that more people join in defending the rights of all animals.

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