Introducing the Unusual Journey of a Four-Legged Champion: Invented by the Greeks and Greek Admirators in the Infernal

Deepak Paswan, a 7-year-old Indian boy, was born in a village in northern Bihar state, India with his twin’s legs and arms attached to his stomach.

People call Deepak’s case a parasitic twin. These are cases where two fetuses develop in the womb, but then do not separate from each other and only one of them develops completely and carries all the limbs of the other fetus.

Deepak Paswan before surgery
Deepak Paswan before surgery

Locals living near Deepak Paswan’s village believe he is the reincarnation of Vishnu – a god described as having many limbs. They went to the boy’s house every day to perform religious rituals.

Feeling that their lives were being disrupted by Deepak’s fame, in March his parents called for help so their child could have surgery to remove the extra limbs.

Their wish came true on May 30, 2010, when Fortis Hospital in Bangalore city agreed to operate Deepak for free. 

Most recently, Deepak Paswan took off his clothes to let everyone know that he now has a healthy body, is completely healthy and confident when living with other people.

Deepak Paswan after surgery
Deepak Paswan after surgery

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