Inspiring Motherhood: How the Birth of a Child Empowers a

Hailey shared on Facebook a series of impressive photos she took when Sarita, a young mother, gave birth to babies Amos and Noah, with support from her husband and baby son Emerson. “It was such a peaceful and empowering moment,” Hailey told HELLO!. “It took me a few days to fully appreciate its beauty. She was very calm, gentle and kind. I sent her many screenshots during the editing process and she was very happy. happy, love those photos.”

Young Emerson captured everyone’s hearts in the heartwarming photos, as he kissed his mother’s forehead and cheeks to cheer her up during the difficult moments of giving birth. “There were so many sweet moments. Especially when her son kept coming to check on her and shower her with love,” Hailey shared.

Meanwhile, many mothers took to social media to praise Sarita and Hailey for providing an authentic look at the birth process. The photos capture key moments throughout Sarita’s birth, from the early hours when she performed breathing exercises and baths to ease the pain, to the final moments when the twins were born and the couple had the opportunity to bond with their young children for the first time. Hailey also opened up about being present for the family’s important moment, explaining that she was “trying to find the words” to describe how special the experience felt.

“I’m afraid I have to let the pictures speak for me in this case, as I’m still trying to find the words to describe the beauty I saw when Sarita brought the twins into the world. ,” she wrote alongside a photo album, posted on her official Facebook page, WildEye Photography. “She was very calm. Her husband was very kind. Her son, Emerson, loved her very much. I felt the presence of the Spirit there.”

Sarita is very strong. “She was surrounded by her birth team, who had thought of every possible detail and prepared incredibly thoroughly. And then Amos arrived! On January 6, and after a long and difficult hour towel, Noah arrived, on January 7th! I was so honored to be able to document this story and experience it all with them. The adorable moment when the big brother comforts his mother makes your heart melt.


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