Indian newborns with eight legs are worshiped as Hindu

Devotees are flocking to a remote Indian town to worship an eight-limbed baby as the reincarnation of a Hindu God.

The boy is a conjoined twin with separate hips and legs, a fused chest, and a single head. To increasing numbers of Hindu worshippers, he is the reincarnation of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed deity.

The boy is a conjoined twin with separate hips and legs, a fused chest and a single head, but to increasing numbers of Hindu worshippers, he is the reincarnation of Lord Ganesh

Hindus worship Ganesh as the ‘remover of obstacles’ and pray to him at the outset of any new venture.

One devotee, Kuntalesh Pandey, traveled more than 70 miles to see the unnamed baby in Jharkhand’s Giridih district after news of his birth last Saturday spread.

“When a friend first sent me a picture I wrote it off as Photoshopped but when he confirmed that it is real I came to see the baby straight away,” Kuntalesh Pandey told a journalist.

Under-developed conjoined twins often become an attraction for the devout in India, and their offerings sometimes become a source of income for their families.

Last month, a baby girl born with a deformed nose which resembled a trunk was also hailed as a reincarnation of Lord Ganesh. Her home in Uttar Pradesh has also attracted many devotees.

In 2007, a baby girl who was born with four arms attracted not only crowds of worshippers but a circus owner who wanted to buy her for a freak show.

The girl was named ‘Lakshmi’ after the Hindu goddess of wealth but later had the extra limbs removed by surgery and was able to walk normally. She and her poor family were taken in by a charity which paid for her education.

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